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Términos y Condiciones

Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy

We can refund 100% of your pre-paid reservation up to 48 hours before the rental date. At that time we can’t refund the amount pre paid by the client. We will be more than happy to change or modify your reservation if needed and give you credit for a future rental with us.

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. Therefore we never share or sell your personal information with any third parties. Any information collected through this site is intended to be used for this transaction only.

Additional cost to rent a car in Miami

No mandatory fee besides informed in your confirmation voucher amount, however, at the time of picking up the vehicle, the rental agent may offer additional services and coverage, as well as changes in vehicle category. These services are optional and must be denied by the customer if not interested. Non-acceptance of such additional services is optional and does not disturb the customer to rent the vehicle. Carefully read the rental agreement before signing to ensure that only the requested services have been included, once accepted any optional services the total cost of the rental will be altered and no amounts will be refunded.

Requirements to Rent A Car in Miami

To rent a car in the United States and qualify for these promotional rates, the client must be at least 21 years of age, have a valid driver’s country of residence (non-US), and a credit card in your name.

Age Requirements for renting a car in Miami

The minimum age for renting a vehicle in the United States is 21 years. However, there is an additional charge of $ 25.00 per day for drivers under the age of 25 (A deposit of $ 250 will be required for drivers under 25 years).

Payments EconomiCar.

All car rental bookings made by EconomiCar must be paid at destination when picking up the vehicle. Payments by credit card (Visa & Master) are accepted in the name of the Driver. If a credit card is not presented at the time of pick up, the Driver shall be subject to qualify for the requirements of Trusted money EconomiCar (Cash Qualification), which includes: Making a cash payment for the amount total rent, leave a refundable deposit in the amount of $ 250.00 per rental and present a valid passport and airline ticket back. Some locations outside of airports require a credit card at the beginning of the rental.

Cash payments will be required to place a deposit of $ 250 as security for rental, the deposit will be returned upon delivery of the vehicle.

Daily Rates Car Rental in Miami.

Daily rates apply to all rentals less than four days, with one day equaling a period of time of 24 hours. Rental companies starts from the day of pick up at the time the vehicle is removed.

Insurance – CDW / LDW

The CDW insurance, sometimes called LDW releases the driver of any financial responsibility for loss or damage of the car rented by you (without excess USA US / Canada and Europe na franchise) due to a collision, theft, vandalism or any other cause – as long as you are within the terms of the Rental Agreement (our insurance have a deductible of $ 2,500 / reservations for more than three days require these MANDATORY insurance).

Optional Insurance Car Rental in Miami

Upon picking up the rental vehicle, we offer the Client the option to include (non-mandatory) insurance if it is not already included in your rental. Secure most important: CPP – Personal Protection Worry; PAE – Personal Accident Coverage and Personal Effects; RSP – Roadside Plus and roadside assistance.

Insurance – EP / LIS / ALI

Extended Protection EP, sometimes called LIS or ALI provides the renter and authorized additional drivers, protection of civil liability of third parties, through an excess liability policy with limits of the difference between the Primary Protection and combined single limit of $ 10.000 (no excess) bodily injury accidents, death and / or damage to property of third parties arising from the use or operation of the rented vehicle. Subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. In addition, this insurance provides coverage up to $ 10,000 dollars per driver. Uninsured and under the real value for bodily injury and property damage caused by third parties. (Deductible of $ 2,500 / reservations for more than three days require these MANDATORY insurance).

Minor Damage Insurance for Car Rentals in Miami

Minor damage insurance is a good option when you rent any vehicle insurance as broad or EP and CDW / LDW protection can only be activated when an accident or major incident. If your reservation has this insurance you are fully covered and only have to pay the insurance deductible but in the case of minor damage such as scratches, broken glass or slits vehicle expenses incurred shall be borne by the customer only after activating the minor damage insurance customers remain exonerated of all charges no deductible.

Vehicle Assistance Plus – RSP

Available in all US states the RSP service provides the following services at no additional cost when included in the rental plan or hired as an optional service: OPEN SERVICE VEHICLE when car was locked with the keys inside. CHANGE OF GLASSES if the glass is damaged and it is not his fault. REPLACEMENT TIRE if a tire is damaged. RECHARGE BATTERY in order to start the vehicle. SHIPPING FUEL, a limited supply of fuel is sent to the vehicle to allow you to reach the nearest open service. The RSP service is only offered by EconomiCar.

Vehicle Assistance

When necessary assistance 24hrs vehicle accident and / or mechanical failure and replacement vehicle.


The common practice among rental car companies in the US and Europe is to deliver the vehicle to the customer with a full tank of fuel. The customer is offered the option to prepay for the first tank of fuel or fill the tank before returning the car. If the client does not prepay for the first tank and do not fill the tank to return, will be charged the cost of fuel and more a fee for the service supply.

Additional Drivers Car Rental in Miami

An additional driver is a person authorized to drive the rental vehicle in addition to the main Driver. All additional drivers must qualify with respect to age and license. Most rental car companies charge an additional fee for extra driver of $ 10.00 p / day p / additional driver, unless already included in the rental plan. The names of all additional drivers must be added to the contract at the time the vehicle is picked up or at any time during the rental period at one of the offices of the car rental company. The main driver and two additional driver must be present.

Authorized Driving Areas (USA) Florida.

None of our cars rented in the city of Miami can’t be driven outside the state of Florida.
Vehicles cannot be driven to Mexico. *
Note: The rented vehicle must be returned in the same place where it was originally rented.
Rental – One Way (one way)

Additional costs for one-way rentals may be applied when a vehicle is rented at one location and returned to another, which could vary depending on the distance and specific cities. However, in some states (Florida and California) most car rental companies allow vehicles to be removed and returned to any other company location within the same state at no additional charge.

Child seat EconomiCar.

Most car rental companies offer child seats as an optional service for an average price of $ 7.00 p / day (plus applicable taxes). The child seats may be requested at the time the reservation request is submitted or directly at the counter when you pick up the vehicle.

Extension of Rental Cars in Miami

Most companies hire charge an additional fee of approximately $ 10.00 per day plus regular rental rates, if the client extends the lease time after the vehicle has been removed (lifted), which, having notified by phone or in person that the car will be maintained for longer.

Duplication of booking.

Please note that bookings duplicated will not be allowed and will be automatically canceled by EconomiCar.

Additional Information for Your Booking

If you drop off the car at a different location from your pick up location there will be a $150 Fee.

Keep your booking confirmation number handy because this number is required for modifications, cancellations or requests for additional. EconomiCars accepts the following credit cards for online payment: In the USA.: Visa, MasterCard.

When you collect the rent prepayment:

– You must have the same card you used to pay online.

– The car rental only guarantee your reservation for 1 hour more after your pick up the car after one hour if the car is not picked up, your reservation will be canceled or subject to availability.

– All rental credentials required by the location of the EconomiCars shall be presented, and the name of those credentials must exactly match the name on the reservation. At a minimum, license and credit card valid driver (or debit card if accepted in its location – see terms and conditions) in the driver’s name is required.

– All credit and debit card location retention rules apply. Read the terms and conditions of the online booking process specific retention amounts and rules debit cards in your office rental. By paying your rent with a debit card, usually EconomiCars request authorization hold on your account for estimated rental charges, but reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to request additional value based on certain factors that we consider appropriate. Some exceptions may apply. These funds are not available FOR USE.

– When the holiday is over we will process the reversal but the bank may take time to bring it back to the account – unless you already paid toward your car, in which case the hold will be only $ 250 USD. While this hold is in place, the funds will not be available for use.

– Florida residents are not allowed to rent cars with EconomiCars

– For security reasons, if you are unable to meet or maintain the credential requirements in place to collect your car, you will not be allowed to rent. To request a refund for prepaid reservation, use your confirmation number to retrieve your booking information either prepaid or by calling 7862475239 EconomiCars 8:00 AM-8:00PM Monday – Sunday. A processing fee of $ 50 will apply.

– There will be no refunds for returning the vehicle before the return date.

– If you get into an accident you lose your rental agreement by default, and EconomiCars will not be able to rent to you in the future.

Most booking details can be changed without penalty prior to rental time schedule pickup. Booking details that cannot be changed include prepay, name of the book, and some changes in the location of rent (see terms pay online for more information).

If you cancel before the scheduled time of collection, we will refund full amount advanced less a processing fee of $ 10.

Cancel and requests for refunds must be made in EconomiCars through the “cancel / refund request” process accessible when you view your reservation details in EconomiCars or by calling (786) 247 – 5239 6:00 AM-10: 00PM Monday – Sunday. The credits will be refunded within seven days back to the card used for prepayment.

Still have questions about prepay, make changes or cancel a prepaid reservation? Pay online Read common questions or view our flexible payment terms now.

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